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SeaSide Chinese Shar-Pei

About Us
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Many people like to know a little about the people behind the websites they see, so we'll use this page to provide more information about our philosophy, history, and ourselves.

Our Philosophy:

There is a home for every dog but not a dog for every home. We are firm believers in a well mannered, well rounded dog, who if given a chance will show you what they can and cannot do.


Rosebriar Dog Training was formed in 1975 by Kasha Winston. In early 1999, SeaSide Chinese Shar-Pei Kennels Debbie Mullins joined forces with Kasha and they have made a great training team.

In November 1999, we started working with citizens of the Tidewater area by teaching obedience and agility at Norfolk Animal Management .

July of 2004 Seaside Kennels moved to Carlisle Pa .

Our goals are small but large:

1. To help people bond better with their dogs, so that they will keep their friend for life.
2. To aid in getting young and old involved with having fun with their pet.

3. Helping people with their goals of pet ownership whether it be in competition or just plain fun.

4. Increasing our knowledge to better help our clients by attending seminars, meetings, shows, training etc.

5. Breeding a better all around quality shar-pei.

Members of the following groups:

Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America
Owner Handler Association
Animal Rescue of Tidewater (ART)